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Parizad could be a famous Urdu novel published in 2014. A drama supported the story of the novel Parizad is aired on Hum TV. Ahmed Ali Akbar has played the lead role of Parizaad within the drama. Fans are infatuated with the amazing storyline and cast of drama Parishad. Let’s have a glance at the novel Parizad summary to induce a summary of the drama story.


The story of the novel Parizad revolves around a boy, Parizaad. Ahmed Ali Akbar has played the role of Parizaad within the drama. Parizaad was born in an exceedingly poor family of twelve people. he’s a dark-skinned guy and in our society dark skin is expounded to ugliness.

His mother named him Parizaad, which suggests son of a Pari (Fairy) because of the complexes stuck in her mind. Parizaad gets trolled his whole life for his name that’s contrary to his looks.

Parizaad is sweet at studies and also works after his college to earn money. But his family continues to be not satisfied together with his income. Parizaad becomes Naheed’s tutor. Naheed may be a beautiful girl who lives in Parizaad’s neighborhood. Parizaad likes Naheed but never express his feeling or raise his gaze to seem at her.

But Naheed seems to be a mean girl who uses Parizaad to cover her secret boyfriend Majid. Pairzaad gets humiliated thanks to both of them being before of the full neighborhood but they stay quiet. Instead, Naheed Says, a gorgeous girl like me can never be in a very relationship with a man such as you.

Pairzaad leaves town because he’s annoyed by people’s requests. Even within the populated area, Parizaad’s Dua is been listened and other people get what they requested him to hope for. He comes back to his town after a while. He doesn’t be sure of his health and stick with it getting weak day by day.

One day, a lady comes for a special Dua to Parizaad to seek out someone she’s attempting to find. That girl seems to be Aine, that blind girl Parizaad was loving with. Aine came to understand about Parizaad’s feelings from Kamali. She came back to search out him but it’s too late now. Parizaad dies at the tip of the story of the novel. Maybe for the drama story, the ending can be different.

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