PUBG Mobile C1S2 M3 Royal Pass, Rewards, leaks

M4 Royal Pass

The new era of PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 is going in a positive way with the ongoing PUBG Mobile, Season 20 also know as C1S1. The fans will start looking towards the RP rewards, leaks, and release date of the subsequent upcoming season.

So, it’s time to introduce PUBG fans to the PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 release date, Royal Pass rewards, and other leaks. When enjoying PUBG Season 20, the gamers are now very keen to collect some information about the PUBG Season C1S2 M4 update and rewards. As we already know that from the start of Season 20, PUBG Mobile has made plenty of changes. Will get a 2 month (M3, M4) Season and in each Season, players must buy Royal Pass twice (for every month separately).

For the primary month, you’ll buy RP in barely 360 UC and you’ve got to achieve RP level 50 which is that the maximum level for the primary month. within the same manner, you have got to shop for Royal Pass for the second month (M4) again and so complete the 50 RP levels to gather Royal Pass rewards.

RP Rewards

On RP 1 You will Get AKM Skin And A Outfit cyborg set, Both look good.

On RP 13 you Will See A Parachute for Free, You can get it without purchasing Royal pass.

Well, the C1S1 M3 RP Will be Locked on 16 October 2021. PUBG Mobile C1S2 M4 Royal Pass Will release on 17 October. But the thing which we know exactly is that PUBG Mobile C1S2 will remain for two months. So, by noticing the start date of Season 20, you can estimate the release of PUBG Mobile M3.

Mouse Trap UAZ Available on RP 20 And You can see 50 RP outfit below and also mini14 gun skin.

Here is all the Rewards you will see in M4 Royal Pass in PUBG.leave a comment below and share if you like the post.

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